Crochet Bonding Squares

Crochet Bonding Squares for Premature Babies


Octopus Pals creates handmade crochet bonding squares for premature babies. These are 100% cotton with a delicate texture, they make a great comforter for small babies.

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Our crochet bonding squares are intended to help families with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to bond with their babies through smell which is one of the most developed senses in premature infants.

Octopus Pals baby bonding squares help create a continuous connection between baby and family.

One square is placed with the baby and the other with the family. These are then swapped over so that smells are shared between baby and family. This can be a great comfort to both sides and it means that bonding can take place even if families can’t be with baby all the time.

The most developed sense in infants is touch and that’s why crochet squares are great for tiny hands.

According to Science Daily, even premature babies at 33 weeks post-conceptional age, about 2 months before term (40 gestational weeks), are capable of recognizing and distinguishing two objects of different shapes (a prism and a cylinder) with their right or left hands. This makes the texture and shapes one of their primary ways of familiarising themselves with the environment around them.

Important: Safe sleep recommendations advise against putting anything in the crib with your infant. You should definitely check with your doctor before use.

Additional information

Weight 23 g
Dimensions 13 cm

Black, Greek Blue, Leaf Green, Azure, Coral, Denim, Dove, Fondant, Fuchsia, Hot Pink, Ivory, Lavender, Mauve, Nocturne, Peppermint, Plum, Poppy, Royal Blue, Shell Pink, Sky Blue, Soft Lime, Sunflower, Teal, Toffee, White, Wisteria


Circles, Squares


Handmade in the UK

100% Cotton

That’s all folks!

Care Instructions

40 - Mild icon 40 – Mild
 Do Not Bleach icon Do Not Bleach
 Iron - Low / 110 icon Iron – Low / 110
 PCE Dry Clean - Gentle icon PCE Dry Clean – Gentle
 Tumble Dry - Low / 60 icon Tumble Dry – Low / 60


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