Crochet Octopus Tentacles – What’s the big deal?

What makes crochet octopus tentacles so special for premature babies?

There is actually an incredible (and very scientific) reason why Crochet Octopus Tentacles can help a premature baby. Research has shown that the crocheted tentacles remind little ones of their umbilical cords and being inside their mother’s womb. These familiar touch sensations help poorly babies feel safe.

According to the Poole Hospital website, the idea originated in Denmark, where researchers found that preemies who cuddled up with these cute octopuses in their incubators had more regular heartbeatsbetter breathing, and higher levels of oxygen in their blood. Not only that, but these babies were also less likely to pull out their monitors and tubes.

Octopus Tentacles

The five senses

Humans have a multitude of sensors. Sight (vision), hearing (audition), taste (gustation), smell (olfaction), and touch (somatosensation) are the five traditionally recognised senses. For babies who are born premature, all these senses haven’t had time to develop fully, even full-term babies have limited senses.

The most developed sense in infants is touch and that’s why crochet octopus tentacles really hit the spot.

According to Science Daily, even premature babies at 33 weeks post-conceptional age, about 2 months before term (40 gestational weeks), are capable of recognizing and distinguishing two objects of different shapes (a prism and a cylinder) with their right or left hands.

This makes the texture and shapes much more important than looks so our Octopus Pals are simple shapes that your baby can feel and touch.

Why choose an Octopus Pal?

For safety reasons, our Preemie size octopuses are made from a single piece of yarn with no joins*. We don’t include facial features on our pals because this would interrupt the texture of the soft body. We’ve just learnt that babies use their hands, to sense their surroundings so we focus on creating the best-textured octopus.

Our Octopus Pals are handmade from 100% cotton so that they can be washed at high temperatures for infection control. Additionally, tentacles are no longer than 22cm when extended for safety and stuffing is hypoallergenic.

Buy your Octopus Pal today!

*Our multicoloured octopus are not made from a single yarn but a mixture. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure these toys are safe, adult supervision is advised.

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